The role of the Lord-Lieutenant

The Lord-Lieutenant of Tyne and Wear is Mrs Susan Winfield, OBE.
She was appointed to this role in January 2015 by HM The Queen.

The Lord-Lieutenant is Her Majesty’s representative in Tyne and Wear with the overall duty of upholding the dignity of the Crown. The Lord-Lieutenant carries out a wide variety of duties, working closely with voluntary services, benevolent organisations and local businesses.


The Vice Lord Lieutenant Gavin McFarlane Black

Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants

Vice Lord-Lieutenant for Tyne and Wear

The Vice Lord-Lieutenant is given duties by the Lord-Lieutenant and will deputise for her should she be away, ill or unable to attend an event herself.

The current Vice Lord-Lieutenant for Tyne and Wear is Gavin MacFarlane Black.

The Vice Lord-Lieutenant Gavin MacFarlane Black

Deputy Lieutenants

The Lord-Lieutenant appoints a number of Deputy Lieutenants. The Deputy Lieutenants are chosen from a wide variety of backgrounds and provide specialist local knowledge to the Lord-Lieutenant, assisting her in performing her duties and advising her on issues in the community to bring about closer links.

The current Deputy Lieutenants are listed below:

Requesting a visit of the Lord-Lieutenant

If you would like to request a visit by the Lord-Lieutenant, please use the contact section and send the following information at the earliest possible date. Request will be given every consideration.


  • Date and times of the proposed event
  • Background information on the organisation and event
  • Why the organiser believes that a visit by the Lord-Lieutenant is relevant
  • Full contact details of the organiser

The Lord-Lieutenant or one of her representing deputies attends an event as the representative of Her Majesty, The Queen, therefore it is important to note that that the Lord-Lieutenant is the principal guest at any event she attends and must take precedence.


The Lord Lieutenant’s Office will provide full guidance on protocol to any individual or organisation hosting a visit.


Visit by the Lord-Lieutenant

The Lord-Lieutenant attends as the representative of Her Majesty in the County and she attends a wide range of events and ceremonies every year.

The range of events attended includes voluntary and charity initiatives, award ceremonies and community functions of local significance.

Civic Responsibilities

Role with Magistrates

The Lord-Lieutenant has a key role through the encouragement she provides to voluntary service and benevolent organisations. She has links with civic, community, industrial and social leaders within Tyne and Wear to encourage a sense of community.

The Lord-Lieutenant is the Chairman of the local Advisory Committee for Justices of the Peace.
The Committee deals with all appointments to become a Magistrate.

21st April 2016, 
British Citizenship Ceremony, Sunderland

Alastair Balls, Esq. CB, DL

Jeromy C G M Barford, Esq. DL

The Lord Beecham, DL

Lieutenant Colonel Bibek Banjeree, QRVM, DL

Michael Bird Esq., DL

Lt. Gen. Robin V Brims, CB, CBE, DSO, DL

Cdr Elizabeth M. Bryson, RD, RNR, DL

Paul M Callaghan, Esq. CBE, DL

Stephen Clark, Esq. DL

Colonel Ann Clouston OBE, ARRC, TD, DL

Miss Mary Coyle, MBE, DL

Professor Christopher Paul Day, DL

Mrs Pamela A. Denham, CB, DL

Euan C. Duff Esq., DL

Mrs Margaret Fay, CBE, DL

Colonel J.G.W. Feggetter TD, DL, FRCS

Nicholas Adam H. Fenwick, Esq. DL

Professor Peter Fidler, CBE, DL

Mrs Olivia Grant, OBE, DL

Christopher J Hilton, Esq. DL

Major Eric Ingram, MBE, DL

Colonel Varn B Jassal, TD, DL

Peter Magnay, Esq. DL

Francis G Major, Esq. MBE, JP, DL

Nigel Jamie Martin, Esq. OBE, DL

Umesh Chandra Patel, Esq. MBE, DL

Mrs Veena Soni, BEM, DL

Barry Speker Esq, OBE, DL

Dr Norman Taylor, MBE, DL

Sir Peter Vardy DL

The Honourable Nigel Westwood, DL

Ms Kathryn Lucy Winskell, OBE, DL

John Gibbon Wood, Esq. DL

Major Nigel Ralph Wyrley-Birch, TD, DL

Jeffrey Allen Brown, Esq., DL

 Ms Deborah Jenkins, MBE, DL

 John Dennis Mowbray, Esq., OBE, DL

 Squadron Leader H. John E. Robinson, DL, RAFVR(T)

 Mrs Ruth Thompson, OBE, DL, FEI, FRSA

Role with the Armed Forces & Cadets

Armed Forces

The traditional links with the armed forces have been retained in a modern form by the link between the Lord-Lieutenant with the Volunteer Reserve Forces.

The Lord-Lieutenant may be asked to carry out a variety of duties connected with the armed forces. She may be asked, for example:

  • to inspect troops on parade, including taking the salute on arrival and during the march past
  • to inspect a guard of honour
  • to attend the funeral of a serviceman killed on operations
  • to receive units on their return from service overseas
  • to take part in other ceremonial functions
  • to present the Elizabeth Cross and Scroll to the families of armed forces personnel who have died on operations

Reserve Forces & Cadets, North of England

The Lord-Lieutenant is the President of the Reserve Forces and Cadet Association

Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadets
The Lord-Lieutenant approves the appointment of Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadets to represent his or her Cadet Force and who will assist her at official engagements for one year.  Usually two Cadets are selected from each of the three Cadet Forces in the County – the Sea Cadet Corp, the Army Cadet Corp and the Air Training Cadet Corp.  Cadets are chosen by virtue of their outstanding performance, personal qualities and contribution to the aims and spirit of their respective Cadet Force.

Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificates (Military)
A Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificate may be awarded to members of the Volunteer Reserve Forces for service that deserves high praise and commendation.
The certificate is issued on the recommendation and in partnership with the Reserve Forces and Cadets Association.

Armed Forces Presentation Teams
The Lord-Lieutenant offers support to the Armed Forces Presentation Teams when they visit the County of Tyne and Wear.